The individual development program is specifically designed to take the SERIOUS player to the next level by providing a quality training environment and regime that is sure to produce results. Only by applying correct, consistent repetition and pressure training can one master the basic skills. His method and philosophy generate immediate improvement in a players ability and lasting benefits for an entire playing career

*  Expert Instruction with one of our hands on personal soccer trainers.  Ideal for all ages and skill level of players.

*  Our sessions are tailored to meet a players specific needs.

*  75 minute sessions

*  Guaranteed to improve your game play.

*  Increased learning is a positive soccer environment.

$75.00 / $55.00 Per Player Per Lesson*
One on One Private lesson ($75)
Two Players Lesson ($55)
(Minimum of 4 Lessons)

Through a long-term involvement in our programs, we can help your child to substantially improve his soccer skills and game play.

If player cancels the day of their training session there will is a required $50.00 charge,  (per player), for the loss of appointment time.

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