Soccercise Exercise Program

Soccercise is a instructor led aerobics class with a soccer ball twist - it’s a fun and easy way to get fit!

Soccercise combines a variety of fitness exercises with a soccer ball & music.

Soccercise can be tailored for all levels of fitness and is great for all ages and abilities – the perfect ball game for beginners!

It can help introduce you to football, re-familiarize those who haven’t played for a while, form part of a pre-season training program, become part of a pre-match warm-up or just be used as an alternative way to keep fit.

Come Join Us:  Increase your aerobic fitness and have fun with like-minded people.

You don’t need any fancy footwork or amazing ball skills.

Soccer balls are provided and you don’t need specialized equipment.
* Comfortable Clothing and Shoes
* Water Bottle for Re-Hydration
* Good Sense of Humor!

Soccer Ball is Provided for Class

75 Minute Sessions

2 Sessions for 4 Weeks or  1 Session for 8 Weeks

Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays
(These are progressive training sessions, call 1-866-372-1724 for available times.)

Introductory Price:
$120.00/Player ($15.00/Session)

(Reg: $25.00/Session)

(Minimum 4 Players & Maximum 10 Players/Session)
Through a long term involvement in our programs, we can help your child to master the skills required to succeed in soccer.
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