Ball Mastery is the foundation of every player's development.

At Supreme Soccer Training, our teaching methods will ensure that each player is learning and having fun, no matter what the age or skill level.

Ball Mastery Programs

Ball Mastery/Foot Drills: 1 Player – 1 Ball.  Repetition ball control exercises with both feet

Passing & Receiving: Exercises & games to improve 1st touch and to encourage accurate and creative passing

Speed & Agility: Exercises and games to improve agility, acceleration, and power with or without the ball.

75 Minute Sessions

2 Sessions for 4 Weeks or  1 Session for 8 Weeks

Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays
(These are progressive training sessions, call 1-866-372-1724 for available times.)

Introductory Price:
$120.00/Player ($15.00/Session)

(Reg: $25.00/Session)

(Minimum 4 Players & Maximum 10 Players/Session)

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