Q. Where is your training location?
A. 1385 S. Huron Road (M-13), Kawkawlin, Michigan 48631  
(In the C & L Ward Warehouse, by the Wooden PlayScapes Area.  Look for the Wooden Playsets.)
(See: Our Contact Us Page for Map)

Q. How do I Register & Pay for our Sessions?
A. Download our Registration Form, Fill it Out, then Pay us by Cash or Check.

Q. Do you ever cancel your sessions due to weather?  How will I know if of session is cancelled?
A. We do not plan on cancelling our sessions due to weather.  In the event we do have to cancel, we will send out an e-mail and/or text message.

Q. What is your Make-Up Policy?
A: For any pre-paid program that includes our 2 Sessions/Week for 4 Weeks or 1 Session/Week for 8 weeks.

If you are unable to attend your a session and have reported your absence, we will provide you ONE make up during that 8 session time frame.

Make ups do not carry over and MUST be completed in the session they occurred.

If you need to miss a session or to set-up a make-up session please contact us at 1-866-372-1724 or at MarkPilon@SupremeSoccerTraining.com
If you schedule a make up and do not attend you will not receive an additional make up.

Q. Something has happened and I need to cancel our sessions.  How do I do that?  Can I get a refund?
A. No, we do not offer refunds for cancelled sessions

Too often have we turned people away because we are full only to receive an email stating that someone has decided to join the school basketball team, etc and can no longer train with us. This is costly to our business and it means that someone who really wanted to train with us couldn’t because we didn’t have a spot. We also receive emails requesting refunds for missed classes. We will no longer issue refunds for classes not attended as this is also very costly to our business.

This applies to everyone. Should you have a scheduling conflict we will, of course, do our best to place you in another class. If you opt not to be placed in another class we will not issue a refund.

Regarding refunds due to injury, we follow MSYSA guidelines regarding injury related withdrawals, meaning we will refund for injuries, but require a note from your child’s doctor before issuing a refund.

Q. Are your training session progressive?
A. Yes, all of our training sessions are progressive and different from week to week.

As the kids develop, we introduce new skills and combination patterns to continually challenge them. However, we do not progress or move on if classes are behind certain skill sets as we want to make sure they understand and can grow properly on the important skill components.

Q. Are parents allowed to watch?
A. Yes, Parents are welcome to watch all of our sessions. However, our parent/lobby section is not large.  We do request is that you allow us to do the coaching/training.  Please do not coach, while our sessions are in progress.

Q. Are classes grouped by ability or by age?
A. We do offer some of our sessions with a general age grouping, but all of our sessions are progressive sessions with a maximum of 10 player attendies.  Due to this, we are able to continually challenge each player individually in our sessions.

Q. Are we allowed to join a session in progress?
A. Yes, as long as there is room we will be happy to have you.

However, those new to our programs should be aware that our training is progressive and it could be a little intimidating for your child if they are unfamiliar with our drills.  We will try to help your player advance in our sessions to reduce any intimidation that they may have.

Q. What should I wear or bring to our sessions?
A. Our facility has a concrete floor, so all players should wear a clean pair of tennis shoes.  (Shin guards, if your session is one of our soccer sessions.)

We do offer soccer ball, resistance bands, exercise mats, free-weights, and other fitness equipment for our sessions, but if you want to bring your own - you are welcome too.

Q. Are your training sessions for everyone or for club members?
A. We do have some age appropiate sessions, but in general, all of our sessions are for everyone from beginners and up.  We do not have a skill level requiremment, however; the player should be passionate and dedicated about improving their skills. 

Q. How do I find out about your upcoming sessions?
A. Current & future sessions are posted on the web-site - See: Calendar of Events to find out more.
For best results, provide us with your e-mail information and we will add you to our distribution list.

Q. Are you affiliated with any club? Do you coach any teams?
A. No, we hold no affiliation with any club teams.  We work with athletes from club teams, but we do not promote any one specific club or team. Matter of fact, we even discourage team apperal being worn at our training location.  This allows us to train players from any and all clubs, yet not promote thier teams or clubs.

We do provide training sessions for some recreational & competitive teams, especially for teams where the coaches do not have a soccer background.  These sessions are either held at their specified location or will be held in closed sessions at our training location.

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