Ball Mastery/Foot Drills: 1 Player – 1 Ball. 
(Repetition ball control exercises with both feet.)
Come learn the art of controlling the ball!

Our Ball-Mastery/Foot Drill sessions are designed to progressively enhance your child's foot control skills that can be used during their games to out play the other team and win! 

These sessions will be broken down to individual ball control skills & skill building cone games.

75 Minute Sessions

2 Sessions for 4 Weeks or  1 Session for 8 Weeks

Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays
(These are progressive training sessions, call 1-866-372-1724 for available times.)

Introductory Price: $120.00/Player (Reg: $200.00)
(Reg: $25.00/Session)
(Minimum 4 Players & Maximum 10 Players/Session)
Through a long-term involvement in our programs, we can help your child learn over 50 foot drill skills that will improve your game play!

Front Triangles - Rt/Lt
Rotating Step-On
Outside / Inside - Rt/Lt
Inside / Outside - Rt/Lt
Rounders -Rt/Lt (Balancing on One Leg)
Sole Rolls - Rt & Lt
Baby V's (Pull-backs)
Outside/Outside - Pull-Back
Step Around - No Touch
Tic Tock Roll - (Foundation w/Roll)
Sole Taps - Up & Back
In Out In (3 Touches Per Foot)
Sole Roll - (Side to Side)
Baby V's
Out In, Out In  (2 Touches per Foot
Out, Out, Step On
Foundation v Pull-Back
v Pullback Go
Outside v's
Foundation Rip Backs
Right Leg V's / Left Leg V's
Tap Tap Drag Behind
Drag Back RT/Lt
Circle Hops (Lt & Rt)
Roll Outside Stop (Lt & Rt)
Pullback Scissors
Roll Step-overs
Pull Push Inside - Rt/Lt
Outside V's / Inside V's
Behind the Heel V's
Push Step-On
Inside Outside Roll
Foundation Squeeze
Behind the Heel Sole Roll
Flyers - Rt/Lt
Ronaldo Rolls
X Rolls
Behind the Heel
Drag Taps
Roll Scissors
Roll Taps
Falcao Rolls
One Foot Clapping
Scoop Turn Rt & Lt
Nudge Turns

Footwork with a Defender (Cones)

Run Straight at Defender 
3 -4 foot - make move
Explain Body Direction vs Actual Direction
The Lunge - Rt
The Lunge Footwork
Step-Over - Rt & Lt
Sole Roll - Rt & Left
Inside / Outside
Drag & Go

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